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I hope that your entertaining hyperbole doesn't reflect actual emotional turmoil over the state of things. Put simply, you are correct but also things are not *that* bad.

The hyping of Meta is the same hype about the world wide web from the 1990s (sometimes our capitalist tech overlords run out of profitable ideas and have to repackage old ones). We haven't turned into cyborgs over that.

Humanity is never going in one knowable direction. We are, of course, bound by the laws of time and entropy, and it may well all crash and burn, but the relation between the competing "real" worlds will always be a complex back-and-forth with innumerable moving parts.

Or maybe I'm just too old to care.

Either way, I enjoy your writing. Keep it up.

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I have been so consistently wrong in the last decade, I've got a new rule; if I can't believe something is true, it probably is.

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